ZenKey is an innovative collaboration between the three major U.S. wireless carriers. ZenKey offers highly secure registration, authentication and transaction authorization, and reduces costly user-experience issues.

Increase Conversions

About 60% of users abandon the registration process because it’s a hassle, 59% don’t feel that their information is safe and 54% feel they don’t have control over how their personal data is shared. Even worse, shopping cart abandonment is at 70%.

With ZenKey, you can capture more of these registrations and abandoned shopping carts.

Decrease Fraud

SIM swap fraud is on the rise and has cost businesses hundreds of millions of dollars.

It’s already extremely difficult for Fraudsters to take over a user’s identity that’s encoded inside the ZenKey app. To lock them out for good, ZenKey offers a suite of APIs and event alerts (Trust Services) for Service Providers to receive on-demand fraud signals and automatic indicators.

Enhance Security

Social engineering, phishing and other similar tactics have made PIN and SMS verification popular for validating transactions, but these are still vulnerable to malicious attacks.

With ZenKey, you can offer biometric two-factor authentication to your customers that doesn’t rely on SMS—and is easier for them to use.

Discover Trust Services

ZenKey Trust Services give your business a smarter way to detect and prevent fraud before it happens through a suite of APIs and event alerts.

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