Identity Services

Identity Services are a collection of authentication and identity management tools ZenKey provides to securely identify users – making sure they are who they say they are.


Enhanced security beyond two-factor authentication secures registrations, logins and transactions every time users interact with your businesses’ apps and websites.



ZenKey offers three categories of identity services. Each can be used in different combinations to meet your business needs


Skip online forms to quickly create accounts on websites and apps that use ZenKey using the customer attribute sharing feature of the ZenKey Identity service.

• Users have control over which attributes are shared
• Websites and Apps can request attributes from carriers


ZenKey MFA allows users to securely log in to your favorite websites and apps – without passwords. ZenKey users can sign into their existing accounts by simply tapping the green “Log in with ZenKey” button on any app or website that offers ZenKey

• ZenKey App is required for MFA support
• ZenKey App is not required for Second factor authentication (2FA) support


With  ZenKey Identity Verification businesses can make transactions highly secure by confirming the end user identity in real time with a simple tap on the end user’s phone

• High valued transactions can be set up for confirmation challenge
• Users and Business can have peace of mind that their online transactions are secure


Users and businesses can protect sensitive information and lower their risk of fraud.

Effortless Protection

User enjoy a simplified account registration, login and transaction confirmation without the need for multiple usernames and passwords

Instant Confidence

Users instantly see a ZenKey-enabled app or website as safe and they have full control of the information shared to enable the app or website.

Mobile Network Advantage

As a collaborative effort between AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon, ZenKey has access to mobile network signals only available to the carriers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • ZenKey is a new product which allows you to leverage the unique security capabilities of your wireless carrier, to securely and easily log into your favorite third-party apps and websites. ZenKey leverages encryption technologies in your mobile phone and mobile network, so you can log into third-party apps and website directly in your smartphone, or on a personal computer or other smart device. No more remembering passwords… no more retrieving secret codes… no more sacrificing convenience for peace of mind!

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