Identity Verification

Supports IAL2 and IAL2+

Zenkey’s Identity Verification Solution offers service providers a secure assurance that they are interacting with the correct account owners on their digital platform. It also validates who they say they are while creating or registering their accounts.  


Our verification solution supports IAL2 and IAL2+. It securely integrates into your mobile app to establish the identity of your users, to prevent identity theft fraud and to enhance the user confidence. 

We support
U.S. driver’s licenses and state IDs from all 50 states, as well as U.S. and international passports.



ZenKey offers two identity verification categories. 

ZenKey Verify

ZenKey Verify provides a seamless process to verify your customers, and to know who your customers are right from the start. 

By Integrating ZenKey Verify in your mobile app, you can leverage over 90-million account holders from the three major wireless carriers to quickly verify the identity of your users.

ZenKey Verify+

With thirdparty validation of scanned government IDs, ZenKey provides a higher level of identity assurance (IAL2+) that can be used for very sensitive online interactions.

With the adoption of our ZenKey Verify+, you can enhance the identity security of your brand, ensuring the right level of validation for ensuring your users are who they say they are.

How Do I Use Identity Verification?

With ZenKey Verify, our app can unlock user identity right from the start. In three steps.

Step One

Scan the frontside and backside of the approved government ID through the app.

Step Two

Take a selfie to perform a liveness check to confirm the ID is the person taking the picture through the same app.

Step Three

Then review and confirm the captured information by submitting the summary.


Improve your confidence in user identity management without adding friction to the user experience.

Secure ID Validation Against Fraud

Over 90 million account holders from the three major wireless carriers - AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

Improve Consumer Confidence

Innovative and secure liveness check, independent of device imaging capabilities.

Enhanced Customer Identity Validation

Encrypted storage of the digitized identity and third-party validation of government-issued ID.

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